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Although the development of multiple ONESTOP Gambling is not difficult work and there is the easiest way to maximize ICO investor’s profit with users’ convenience, I have a question about why most ICOs that operate Gambling do not provide these services.

What is COIN-BET?

We addressed various ways to maximize ICO investor’s profit with user’s enhanced convenience, and we are willing to launch the service for all kind of GAMBLES with initiation of SPORTS BET service which is most profitable platform we have developed and supplied.

As Seen On


Provide a variety
of games

COIN-BET will serve almost all existing gambling. This will maximize the return of ICO investors.

Provably Fair

COIN-BET uses a provably-fair source of randomness for all bets, guaranteeing that no party can manipulate the results.


COIN-BET runs on the Ethereum blockchain and has no central authority or house - players play against each other instead.

Fully Transparent

All bets, results, fairness proofs, and source code, and smart contracts are publicly available.

Any Game

COIN-BET offers traditionally existing gambling and numerous new gambling that we have not experienced.

Track your success

Showcase your betting history and keep track of your statistics.

Trust Blockchain

No one controls your funds. You’re in full control in smartcontract.

VR (Virtual Reality)

Colorful gambling feast in virtual reality

Token Sale

Start Date: 20 April 2018 (22:00 GMT+8)

End Date: 25 May 2018

25 May 2018

PER SALE 7 Days.

MAIN SALE 30 Days.


Please refer to the Bonuses section below.

Token Issuance

Token distribution will be after the end of the token sale and completion of an independent audit.

Contract Address


Operator Company


Taken Symbol LOTC
Token Price It depends on the total amount of funds.
Minimum contribution minimum 0.01ETH | 0.001 BTC | 0.05 LTC
Maximum contribution no limits.
Hard Cap no limits
Accepted Cryptocurrencies
Accepted Nationalities U.S.Citizen, U.S. Person, resident in the Territory of the British Virgin Islands or a citizen or person from a jurisdiction, in which it is impermissible or restricted to offer, distribute, purchase, sell or retain cryptographic tokens, are not eligible to participate in this token sale.
Exchange We will endeavor to procure the listing on reputable exchanges as soon as possible after the issuance of tokens.
Company Info coin-bet.bet is operated by
having our registered address at




Day 1 (first 8h+10%)


Day 2


Day 3


Day 4


Day 5


Day 6


Day 7

ICO Over Presale


+10 day


+10 Day


+10 Day


Facebook Campaign


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Media/Arcile/Press Campaign


Signature Campaign


Translations Support


Bug Fix Support Development


Bounty Bonus


20th April 2018



Invite a Friend and Receive Reward in COIN-BET revenue

You can invite your friends and be rewarded with COIN-BET revenue.

Invite friends to join COIN-BET via your partner link.

We will add 30% of the amount invested by each of them to your balance.

JAN, 2017 Demand grasp
Feb, 2017 Established Company
Q1, 2017 Asian Market Research
Q2, 2017 Global Market Research
Q3, 2017 Lottery gambling development
Q3, 2017 Gambling ICO Market Issues Discovery
Q4, 2017 Whitepaper modification and system improvement
April, 2018 Token Sale
July 2018 Dice, Sprots Bet, e-Sports Bet, Lottery, Slot smart contract and developement public beta testing and bug fixes focused on sports betting and dice this is the most important period of our roadmap (development schedule). Various forms of testing are required.
August 2018 Launching Dice beta service
Q3, 2018 Launching sports betting service with Russia World Cup 2018.
Launching e-Sports Bet, Lottry,Slot.
Q1, 2019 Beta test VR gambling Poker and Slot

Exhanges we plan to be listed on


  • We are not just a company founded solely for ICO.
  • We are made up of 3 developers, and we can hire the people we need at any time.
  • Developers with better skills than us, Great designers, various legal professionals, etc.
  • We sometimes see articles, thead recruiting ICO advisors and team members.
  • They are featured on the team page with only Linked in profile pictures.
  • Are they really a team or Company?
  • Do not need dozens of people to run a gambling site.
  • Smartcontract can replace dozens of people.
  • We are currently in Hong Kong, but will be the first licensee in the UK after the ICO is over.


Use of proceeds

Please refer to our Use of Proceeds plan described in detail on our website and the whitepaper.

How many COIN-BET tokens are distributed through the tokensale?

Total of 200,000,000 COIN-BET token will be issued and distributed.

What happens if scheduled tokens are not all distributed until the tokensale is over?

That's not important.
If the total amount of funds is 1 BTC
1BTC = 200,000,000 Tokens.

What is the expected value of COIN-BET's tokens after the tokensale?

As with any other cryptocurrencies, the value of token is determined by the market valuation.

Who can participate in token sales?

In general, residents of the United States, Singapore, China cannot participate in tokensale. Please be sure to check if there are any regulatory restrictions in your country or state

Why is COIN-BET different from other companies making an ICO?

The key difference to most other tokens is that the COIN-BET token has a solid business model behind it.
A wide range of proven products and services, that will unlock new features and benefits with the help of the COIN-BET token.
You will experience an entirely new form of addictive gambling that no one else has tried in traditional markets.


Almost gambling platform are not out of tradition.

A new form of gambling should be introduced into the gambling industry as well.

Among the things we are planning is a ladder gambling.
Also there are so many in the world that there are unpredictable and reliable numbers.
For a very simple example
How much is the NASDAQ close tomorrow?
even / odd

Have you ever heard of that form of gambling?
In addition to traditional gambling, Extremely addictive simple gambling!!!!
Serving traditional gambling provides a stable return, the goal is to increase the number of users by serving an aggressive new format of gambling.
We do not know all the gambling in the world.
One of our temporary employees majored in world history.
He is looking for gambling in history we do not know.
We learned from him that the lottery was one of the oldest gambling.
Most of us are just developers.
Humanities can not be excluded from all techniques, including gambling.
We aim to challenge the existing market itself because we are startup.

How can I get COIN-BET's token?

You can get COIN-BET's token by participating in the COIN-BET tokensale. You should join at“COIN-BET Token Sale web sitet”in advance.
When participating in token sales, you can use an ERC20 compatible wallet(myetherwallet, meta mask, mist etc).

What is minimum participation amount?

Minimum participation amount is minimum 0.01ETH | 0.001 BTC | 0.05 LTC, maximum participation amount is unlimited.

How are tokens distributed/allocated?

It will be sent within 10 days after ICO over.

How many COIN-BET's tokens will I receive?

LOTC are distributed per 1 ETH.

What happens if I send the ETH to the wrong address by mistake?

Unfortunately, you will not be able to return it. Please be sure to check the address of your transaction before participating in the tokensale.
The COIN-BET team will not be responsible for any lost tokens.

How can I get a refund?

There is no refund process.

If I forget COIN-BET website password, am I losing all my COIN-BET's tokens?

No, you will not lose your tokens. When ICO is finished, it will be transferred safely to your ERC20 wallet.

What benefits does LOTC holders have?

You will be paid quarterly revenue. It will be a stable and innovative revenue source.

From when can I trade LOTC on the exchange?

We will endeavor to procure the listing of the COIN-BET Token on reputable exchanges as soon as possible after the issuance of the COIN-BET Tokens.

Can LOTC be mined?

Unfortunately, there is no mining procedure for the LOTC Token.

What games are available on the platform?

COIN-BET will provide a completely new form of gaming, as well as most traditional casino games. This will be the first in the industry and we will be the best.

Other companies advertise that anonymity is guaranteed. Does COIN-BET ensure anonymity?

If you are an end user, no one can guarantee anonymity. The same is true of all exchange. Regardless of COIN-BET, be aware that this is something common to everyone.

Is COIN-BET secure?

COIN-BET is based on Ethereum. Can not guarantee that there are no bugs in COIN-BET. For all possible cases, we will monitor the situation 24/7/365.

Why is not your team public?

Our website features no 'team' page.
Many cryptocurrency projects have resorted to significantly exaggerating or lying about their team members in order to deceive users into purchasing their tokens.

Are they really a team member and an employee?

Our team consists only of a few permanent technical members, and other temporary members, such as those contracted to help with graphics, marketing, legal, etc., which we do not consider members of the team due to their lack of formal affiliation with us.

We instead hope that our project valuation is based off of its market potential, merit, and working product, rather than a shiny but deceptive team page.

Most important thing is we have a lot of experience with gambling related development in particular.!!!!

Most of our team members have Republic of Korean nationality.
My government imposes sanctions on ICO.
Sadly, Republic of Korea is one of the few ICO sanctions countries on the planet.

Demo (alpha)

You can preview the future of COIN-BET.